January 2, 2017



What can I say about the fact that one year finished and another year started.  Except that I am one year older.

Fifty-three.  Oh well, that is okay.  It is what it is.

I had a nice Christmas Eve dinner with K and S, my brother, his gang and my niece.  On Christmas day, however, I was woken up by a really, really awful headache.  It was about 5.30am in the morning.  I felt ill.  As I lay in bed willing it to go away I knew it was one of those aches that would be around for a while.  Eventually I stumbled out of bed and took two painkillers.  A total waste of time by the way as they were not strong enough.  By the time I went back to bed I was feeling very sorry for myself and the pain had only increased.  Despite that I fell back asleep and a few hours later awoke feeling even worse.  It was just a migraine, a really unpleasant migraine that made the day null and void.

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