Time – 24th September, 2016

I took my dog to CrossFit this morning thinking he would have a great time, meet new dogs and hang out with me. It was a disaster.  He rumbled with the other dogs. Whined when I walked away from him.  Freaked whenever the weights were dropped on the floor and was generally not at all impressed with being there.  Continue reading

Jims Fantasy

Every Wednesday late afternoon I go into the city for my weekly psychiatrist visit.  I have to leave work at around 4.15pm to make sure that if the traffic is heavier than usual I won’t panic.  As a rule it isn’t busy and I will arrive around 25 minutes early.  I’ll sit in the car or, if the weather is nice, go for a walk across the road in the gardens.

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Sunday 16th June

I’m having a lazy day today.  All I have managed to do is make the bed.  Went for a walk with K and Mr Benny to have a coffee down the street.  Not much else.  I’ve got a list of things that I should be doing but my mind and body are at odds.  Plus the things I should be doing are very low in the interest factor.  They involve paperwork.  Continue reading

Saturday 16th February

It’s been a week since I last posted.

Well, one day short of a week.  So, what’s been happening in Linda Land?

Today I was at the Farmer’s Market working on the Rotary BBQ van for part of the Oxfam fundraising.  It was so, so hot,  even at 7.30 in the morning.  People bought bacon and egg rolls.  Cans of Coke.  Bacon, egg, sausage, onion and tomato rolls.  More cans of Coke.  Sausages and onion on bread.  More Coke.  I handled the money side of it and was thankful since the food handlers had to wear latex gloves which are stinky, hot and itchy.  Continue reading

Modern Living

I find this photo funny.

My niece and I sitting at the table communicating.

Gadget gals.

It just sums up modern life to me.


The Day Is Full Of Bugs

I had an exceptionally pleasant day yesterday.

The plan had been to do a training walk up a big hill and down again with the Oxfam girls.  However, when the alarm went off at 6.00 am I could hear the rain outside and figured it would be a dreary thing to walk in.  However, it had to be a team choice to pike it so I sent an SMS to the other girls.  It said something like “it’s raining, are we still training”.  Only one said she would so democracy won out and we all went back to sleep.   Continue reading

Friday 1st February

Today it is seven years since I first posted on Blogger.
Seven years.  Now, that is quite a significant amount of time to talk about your life online.
My son has gone from being an eight year old to a fifteen year old.
I have gone from being a 42 year old to a 49 year old.
I went from looking like this (see below).

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