19th February, 2017

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I went to my brother’s house today to do some bookwork.

He and I get on well but he is inclined to push my buttons with some of his comments.  I know I have gone on about this in my previous blog but the change is that I have a different approach to it these days.  I no longer feel the need to be defensive.

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18th February, 2017


The meaning is of the word creativity is:

  1. relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something. “change unleashes people’s creative energy”.

I have always been creative.  Writing, drawing, painting.  Even my home is that of a creative person.  I am neither good nor bad at what I do but were you to ask anyone who knows me “is Linda creative” they would say yes.  It is a fundamental part of who I am.

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12th February, 2017


Today I thought a lot about the few paragraphs that I wrote yesterday.  Mainly about the comment I made how there is no real information about how life is for people who have bipolar after they get a handle on some stability.  It is something that I think about often.

I know that I have spoken about my own depression and bipolar a lot in my previous blog but I now feel the need to deconstruct everything to help me reconcile myself to the person that I feel I am these days.

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11th February, 2017



It’s almost two weeks since I posted.  I started writing tonight and after a few paragraphs I decided that I had nothing to say and that even if I did it is as though I no longer know how to say it.

So I deleted those paragraphs.

And now I am starting again.

I am as unenthused about life as I was in the last post, possibly worse. I’ve no doubt that my medication and being stable is a contributing factor to my indifference.  It is having a significant impact on me as I bring it up at one point in time every therapy session.  I tell the psych that I struggle with feeling so ‘flat’ to which he replies ‘you mean normal?’.  No, I don’t mean ‘normal’.  If every neurotypical person felt the way I do then nothing would ever happen in the world.

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29th January, 2016

I’ve been in nowhere land for the month of January.  Having three weeks off reminds me of how much I would rather not work.  Not because I filled my time off with wonderfully productive things, but because I am lazy.

During my break I popped into work a couple of times to do payroll, tax, churn through loads of emails and print things out.  I resented every second of being there but at least I was getting paid.   I was thankful that I did not start work until the 16th so that gave me an extra week to do nothing but sleep in, mosey around the house doing ‘things’ and then go to CrossFit.  I realised that I am possibly very lazy or a procrastinator.  The latter seems to be the accurate one.

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January 2, 2017



What can I say about the fact that one year finished and another year started.  Except that I am one year older.

Fifty-three.  Oh well, that is okay.  It is what it is.

I had a nice Christmas Eve dinner with K and S, my brother, his gang and my niece.  On Christmas day, however, I was woken up by a really, really awful headache.  It was about 5.30am in the morning.  I felt ill.  As I lay in bed willing it to go away I knew it was one of those aches that would be around for a while.  Eventually I stumbled out of bed and took two painkillers.  A total waste of time by the way as they were not strong enough.  By the time I went back to bed I was feeling very sorry for myself and the pain had only increased.  Despite that I fell back asleep and a few hours later awoke feeling even worse.  It was just a migraine, a really unpleasant migraine that made the day null and void.

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Wednesday 7th December, 2016

There is no exciting reason why I don’t post as often as I would like.  The simple truth is that I am doing other things.

I am slowly doing less on the internet than I did in the past. My garden needs my attention, my reading time has been neglected and my spirit needs to be free of the toxic waste that floats through the internet like a virus that will attach itself to brain cells and creates the infection of cyber depression.

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1st November, 2016

This week I have four days off.  Four wonderful days of no work.  Although, as I write this, I have already used up one so now I only have three days left to swan around and do things.  Then the weekend.  Which makes it five more days before I go back to work.   Continue reading

October 12th, 2016

Life.  That word has become a favourite of mine these days.  Like the word ‘time’, like the word “love”, the word ‘life’ no longer is just a four letter word to me.  It has become tangible.  I can see it, feel it and I know it’s finite. This must be what happens when you pass the edge of the wedge time of life.  Continue reading

Saturday 1st October 2016

Right now I am sitting in the terminal at Sydney Airport.  I arrived here in a timely manner only to find out that my plane had been delayed by over an hour.  So I am stuck here for a long time.  The email to let me know about the delay arrived only a few minutes before I got to the gate where I would be waiting.  Anyway, there is not much I can do about it except make good use of the free wifi and the battery life on my lap top.  Continue reading