Holiday – part one.

As you know, time flies and everything becomes a memory.  Things stay in your mind for a long time, change shape and meaning until, eventually, they fragment into random pieces of life.

Which is why the written word is a wonderful way to record life experiences.  If penned close enough to the event there is a greater feeling of authenticity as our recall of events often changes in accuracy over passing years.  Mix photos with the words and life events are kept fresh.

So, my holiday finished three weeks ago.  The plane landed into Melbourne on the 19th August at 5.30am in the morning and then the holiday was over.  Now I have just the memories and photos to look back on.  Time to put them into words.

How was my holiday?  Well, parts of it were good, parts of it not so good and other parts just bad.  Before I outline the trip I want to say that I am aware that my whining is a first world problem, my life is privileged etc. etc. etc.. I just like to tell my own little life stories and this is one of them.

Firstly, the flight leaving Melbourne was delayed by four hours (due to a technical issue) which saw me stuck at the airport for almost 8 hours if you include my arriving four hours earlier for the flight due to heightened security checks.  As it was, the security checks were no more heightened than usual.

The flight to Dubai was very underwhelming.  I had a window seat and the two people who sat to the left of me were around 100 years old and getting up and going to the toilet was not an easy process, not helped by my hip injury.  I felt every bit of my age and more during that flight.  Sleep was sporadic despite taking something for it.  The bonus was that I had noise cancelling headsets which were fantastic.

There was a further delay at Dubai as the air conditioning was not working. We were actually waiting on the plane sweating in the airless space when an announcement was made that well all had to get off and head back to the terminal.   Two hours later the plane was on its way to London.  I had chosen vegetarian for the meals and I would have to say it has been a while since I had such awful plane food.  Also, the food was not vegetarian, it was vegan.  I don’t mind vegan as such but when it is made up of predominantly kale and tomato it’s hard work.  In fact, it was so awful I actually vomited a few minutes prior to the plane touching down in London.  A most unwelcome experience.

Once in London I had the compulsory one hour wait at border control (or whatever they call it) to get my passport checked.  When that was all done and my luggage picked up I caught the Tube into London.  It is not straightforward getting into London via Tube as there are usually line changes that have to be made which requires lots of walking and stairs. Stairs and suitcases.  Walking, stairs and suitcase combed with middle aged woman who has just spent a very long time in an airport and on a plane is a recipe for total fucked offedness.  Train trip was around 45 minutes and I was hangry.

But, when you are the grown up and on your own you just get on with it.  Which is what I did.  I arrived quite late at the place I was staying, some food clutched in my hand and after eating it and having a shower I collapsed onto the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

My holiday had started.

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More to come.

lc x

5 thoughts on “Holiday – part one.

  1. Flying is such a hassle now; everyone is punished for the actions of a few. In the old days they had sleeper compartments on planes, can you imagine? Now it is just torture. But I’m looking forward to the next installments!


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