Wednesday 22nd March 2017

After applying for many jobs online and getting zero response (bar one which was a rejection) my son is now eager to start working anywhere. So, on Monday he will start casual labouring on building job sites at my work. I think he is over being on the computer so much.  He doesn’t want to watch yet another movie nor go to bed in the early morn’ and get up late.  Basically, he has finally realised that life is much more than being a mole rat. So he starts Monday and will work on the days he is not at Uni.  The pay is good and he will probably end up with more savings that me in a very short time.

He has to be on site by 7.00 am and I made it clear that there was zero chance of me driving him to a work site.  Especially since I never get out of bed before 7.00 am anyway (unless going to the airport to fly off on a holiday).  So he pitched the idea to K that he would get his driving hours up driving with K to the job site.  Here, in Australia, a learner driver has to do 120 hours of supervised driving before they can get their license. My son, after two years of holding his learners license, has clocked up a grand total of 24 hours.

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It’s been just over a year ago that I had my most recent tattoo.  You would be surprised how many people ask me about it, in particular young women.  A few have actually gone to the same place to get a tattoo and shown it to me later on. It’s the detail of it that seems to appeal.

As a rule, I never think of how my tattoos may look to people.  They are just part of me.  I don’t even think they are big or small.  They are just on my body.  However, a few months ago I happened to see a clip of me on our home security camera.  I was in the front yard talking to one of the landscapers and for the first time I got a glimpse of how other people viewed me. It was an odd feeling.  Almost an out of body experience.  I also noted just how big the tattoos are.  People do ask if I am planning on getting any more and the answer is no. I am happy with two.

Just for the record, the most recent tattoo was a mighty painful one to get.

A while ago I stopped trying to work out how and why I was in a rut and gave up trying to get out of it. It became the elephant in the room so I took a different approach.  I ignored the feeling and just focused on what was working. My work, home and CrossFit.  The inbetween bits just fall into place.  It has kind of helped to just do what happens easily and I expect in time that by allowing myself to be accepting of things a change will happen in an organic nature.

I spend time reading books.  Non fiction. Usually books about art and artists. It does feed my mind and give me small bursts of inspiration.  The creative process is a bit like a big baby, it needs to be fed to enable it to grow.  So that is what I feel I am doing, just feeding that big, lazy baby. Waiting for it to wake up.

lc x



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