Wednesday 7th December, 2016

There is no exciting reason why I don’t post as often as I would like.  The simple truth is that I am doing other things.

I am slowly doing less on the internet than I did in the past. My garden needs my attention, my reading time has been neglected and my spirit needs to be free of the toxic waste that floats through the internet like a virus that will attach itself to brain cells and creates the infection of cyber depression.

When I started to put down my phone more and close down my lap top to do other things, I did not realise just how much of an impact it would make on me.  Although I don’t  get online just to read pointless articles, that I am online at all made me quite disconnected with myself. Some sort of suspended reality seemed to happen during those lost hours.

Now I am doing more productive things I feel more relaxed. Almost like coming out of a fog and noticing things around me more.  It’s a good thing.

I must have my usual beef about this time of year that seems to suddenly rock up on the door step.  A few weeks ago I thought to myself that I had better think about Christmas and do something.  Well, it appears that I was not exactly sure what that ‘something’ was because here I am still saying that I need to do something.  It’s a bit hard to get really excited about this time of year these days. It may be an age thing. Even my Christmas tree was up late and I was not remotely interested in making the effort.  My husband and son decided to lead the way by taking the tree and decorations out of storage.  The decorating of the tree was a combined effort between my son and I.  He had a lot of input into which decorations went where to give it a balanced look. The end result was a sparkly tree that was not overloaded with too many decorations. Then K said “best tree ever” and then both S and K felt it necessary to say that in the past the tree had looked too messy.  Blah blah and blah.  Thanks guys.

Last time I did a post here I mentioned that I was having a week off to do things I wanted to.  Unfortunately one thing I did do was injure myself at CrossFit. My fault entirely.  Tired, lacking concentration and then I overextended my back.  I took a week off CrossFit, had two treatments and then I was fine.  The Osteopath told me that my back is extremely strong and that made the injury less of an issue.  So I am back on board well and truly.

Despite the injury I managed to do a few nice things. A visit to the art gallery to see an exhibition of Viktor&Rolf designs in fashion.  But the best thing at the gallery was an exhibit by Bulgari.  There on show, amongst other items, were Elizabeth Taylor’s famous emerald necklace and ring.  You just do not know what jewellery is until you see something along the lines of what these are. My eyes burned in response to the shining vision of the emeralds and diamonds.  The photo below does them no justice.  I was mesmerised by them.  It would not be a lie to say that the history behind these pieces made them twinkle just that bit extra.

By the way, wasn’t she always just so beautiful?


Since my well earned little break life has just continued on its path.  Work, CrossFit, home stuff and whatever else I can fit in between.  The bipolar is being managed okay now.  The nightly Lamictal makes my life so much easier. When I become abnormally elevated in my mood,  I add Seroquel to the mix and when I go on a significant downward mood, I use the blue light.  It is actually quite an unorthodox way to manage bipolar and would only work for a person who is prepared to modify their life accordingly.  For example, if I were working in the Corporate world, partying every weekend, not exercising and allowing myself to get sleep deprived then it would not work.  I go by the boring old rule book.  Routine, routine and more routine along with healthy eating, no drinking, no overly late nights, limit social events and lots of hard exercise.  Plus time off from work on an as need basis.  To do otherwise would mean more medication and that is not an option for me.  Living my life that way is easy and enjoyable.

My son has finished Uni for the year and is currently a lad of leisure. Too much leisure I think.  It has been hard to find part time work and is not helped that he is now nineteen and too old for a lot of jobs.  Juniors are cheaper so a seventeen year old is more likely to be hired.  Today I gave him the option to earn some money at home. We have cleaners come each fortnight and I said to my husband that maybe S could do the job on a weekly basis instead for the same money.  S was all for that. One thing with my son is that if I him a list of what I want done, he will do it without question. He will also do it properly.  Once I show him how to clean a home the correct way I am comfortable with him doing it.

He and I went to the movies that other week to see Fantastic Beasts.  We went to a new theatre which was situated at a huge, newly renovated shopping centre. Big reclining seats and the biggest screen I have ever seen.  This movie was wonderful from start to finish. The shopping centre itself is so big, so noisy, so crowded and so bright that it made me agitated and anxious.  People just buy, buy, buy stuff.  They stand in line to get into stores such as Prada, Chanel and Tiffany.  Why would you line up to do that? And they stare at the phones whilst waiting to get in. Security guards stand at the door. It’s bizarre, to say the least.   Speaking of mobile phones, I need to whinge. Wherever I go these days there is always some berk walking around looking at their phone.  Worse than that is the twat who walks with their phone doing Face Time.  Which means they are talking, walking and staring at their phone.  I used to move out of their way but now I make a point of not moving.  More than once they have walked into me and apologised profusely.  It gives me great satisfaction when that happens. It is like being surrounded by Zombies.  I love my phone but I never walk with it. If I need to make a phone call or look at the screen I stand against a wall and out of anyones way. Oh, wait. I did once bump into someone when I was playing Pokemon Go.

It’s Summer here finally.  Today was the first hot day and the sky was blue, the air warm. It’s heavenly when days are like that.  I decided to work from home.  It was mainly because I had a mammogram in the morning (yawn) and it would have been a waste of time to head into work so I made the choice to do work in the home office instead.  However, as happens with the best intentions, I ended up not doing much at all.  A few emails were attended to and then I got up and amused myself with other things.  The excuse I have is lame. My bathroom is getting stripped out and then renovated and today was the first day of work.  So, how could I possibly work with that distraction?

Below is my naff Christmas card for this year. I decided to do a cheery one with colour. The paint has glitter added to it which gives a lovely shimmer to the colours.  It’s a fun little drawing, not particularly well executed but that’s okay.  It is how I felt on the day.


I had planned to hang my drawings in a coffee shop gallery in January of next year but decided to give it a miss.  It is too stressful to get things ready and I have recently taken my framed drawings out of the frames and put them back in the box with all my other ones.  It seemed a pity to separate them all.  So, that is where they will live from now on.  When I draw it is for myself and nobody else.  My son can have them when I peg it.  He actually asked me not to sell any which is sweet of him.


Well, that is my life.  Not overly exciting but it is peaceful and that is something I value so much.

linda x

6 thoughts on “Wednesday 7th December, 2016

  1. The more I get online, the quicker I browse through things because the tone and fake news are so bad, especially on Facebook, Google+ is a bit better. Sadly, a majority of the Internet is not that we’ll educated anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There are times that I read some article that I have stumbled across (down the internet rabbit hole) and it is so obviously lacking in fact it makes me think I am floating in a sea of rubbish. There is a big haze between truth and BS these days.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I laughed out loud reading about those Facetiming women bumping into you!

    Very nice Christmas card! It’s great.

    You really ought to exhibit your wonderful art sometime, when you don’t feel stressed about the prospect. Many people would enjoy seeing your drawings.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well I sure missed Christmas this year. Did absolutely nothing. It must have been wonderful to see those emeralds, and I loved Elizabeth Taylor also, what a life she had, though she should never have married John Warner the senator, he was not good for her.

    Love your Christmas card!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Ms Topiary

      Finally a response from me! Sometimes it is easier and more enjoyable to do nothing at Christmas. Not sure if it is a getting older thing or just a realisation that there are no rules when it comes to Christmas (or anything else for that matter). Elizabeth certainly went through a difficult stage in her life when she was married to John Warner. It was like she just disappeared. x


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