Friday 23rd September


Finally after a few weeks of fumbling around a completely different blogging system, I have it worked out enough to have some success. 

As I was navigating around WordPress trying to work things out I was beginning to worry that I was losing the ability to learn.  Was it my age?  Was my grey matter shrinking?  Was it my medication?  Was it menopause (that is such a crap word by the way). The truth is, I was just out of practice.  And it brought to my attention the importance of doing new and different things on a regular basis.  If you get too comfortable it has a domino effect the way through and you may end up forgetting how to do something new.  I am sure that is what contributes to getting older sooner.

I must keep in mind that I was doing all this in the evening after work, CrossFit and all other things.  More than likely by the time I sat down at the computer I was zonked.

As usual I am going to give an update as to where I am at.  I know I mentioned that my new medication was life changing for me and it continues to be so.  This week I went up to what is called the “therapeutic” dosage and now I feel pretty good.  Though still subject to ups and downs, the management of it all is so much better.

One thing I found is that I am so much more efficient at work now.  Or it is much easier for me to be efficient.  In the past I would really have to work extra hard to get done what I needed to.  Having the concentration span of a pea made life very difficult.  When I had a zillion thoughts racing around in my headspace, well, it did make me think like a person full of popping candy in their brain.

So, that necessary stuff aside, I think I will talk about something else.

My work.  I have been taking every second Friday off.  I also left early on one Friday.  It was one of those Friday’s where it seemed nobody was fit to work.  So we chatted, watched YouTube videos, ate food, begrudgingly answered the telephone and generally wasted time. At around 1.30 pm I said “fuck it, I am wasting company money so I am going home” and I did.  But I will clarify that I did not have any work to do that could not wait until Monday.

My dog.  I took my dog to the CrossFit box to let him look around.  I am planning to bring him with me on Saturday mornings when I go.  There are a few dogs there at any given time.  They are secured when a work out is happening so not in danger of being injured.  So, I take Mr Benny in and he sniffs around and gets all excited.  The other dogs were not there as it was a bit early, but a few of the guys were working out.  They all wanted to pat Mr B and give him a big, smoochy cuddle only to find he was not really that interested in them.  That is the thing about having a Border Collie, they really are inclined to be a one person dog.  That person being me.  However, despite his relative disinterest in them, they all thought he was gorgeous. It did help that he was groomed a week ago and still in possession of a sleek and shiny coat.

When I go there after work there will always be at least three dogs.  One in particular is just a ‘leaner’.  She leans into any person sitting down and wants to be petted all night long. Another dog just wants a ball to be thrown. At times he will carry two balls in his mouth. There is also a little puppy who is still at the barking stage.  Tomorrow I will take Mr B and see how he goes. If he whines or misbehaves it will be the first and last time.


Hopefully this new blog space will inspire me to write a bit more.  The name of it came to mind as I felt I was closing one stage of my life and really wanting to look ahead beyond those years.

In the meantime, I will just continue to upload old posts and take a trip through time as I do so.

LC x

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