Sunday 16th June

I’m having a lazy day today.  All I have managed to do is make the bed.  Went for a walk with K and Mr Benny to have a coffee down the street.  Not much else.  I’ve got a list of things that I should be doing but my mind and body are at odds.  Plus the things I should be doing are very low in the interest factor.  They involve paperwork. 


Seagull painting – long gone

I have uploaded a photo.  When my niece moved in with us prior to Christmas last year I had to make a lot of decisions about getting rid of stuff to make room for her in the house.  Apart from a lot of my son’s toys and games I decided to throw out a most hideous painting I did ages ago.  I KNOW it is hideous and certainly don’t mind confessing to it.  After K dropped it off I asked him to go back and take a photo of it.  It just looked so funny sitting there.

Often I walk past charity shops and there will be some awful painting in the window for sale.  Some bush scene with a cow in it.  Or a cabin by a stream.  I look at them and know exactly how they got there.  Now I wonder if my seagull painting ever turned up in the window of a charity shop.  Someone would have walked by and laughed at it just as I have laughed at other people’s work.  Not laughing in an unkind way.  It’s just funny.

I can’t imagine anyone bought it.

But I can imagine somebody laughed at it.


8 thoughts on “Sunday 16th June

  1. Thanks Ms DF. The colours were very bright and in the right place (not the charity shop) it might have worked. A little beach hut or something. The seagull looked psycho. I know I had issues with it so sending it off was not too hard.


  2. I actually like the seagull painting! Too bad I was too far away to but it from you. 🙂 I'm not kidding about liking it. Maybe I enjoy a psycho gull? I do understand needing to “clear” stuff out and if YOU didn't like it, that's what mattered.


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