Saturday 16th February

It’s been a week since I last posted.

Well, one day short of a week.  So, what’s been happening in Linda Land?

Today I was at the Farmer’s Market working on the Rotary BBQ van for part of the Oxfam fundraising.  It was so, so hot,  even at 7.30 in the morning.  People bought bacon and egg rolls.  Cans of Coke.  Bacon, egg, sausage, onion and tomato rolls.  More cans of Coke.  Sausages and onion on bread.  More Coke.  I handled the money side of it and was thankful since the food handlers had to wear latex gloves which are stinky, hot and itchy. 

I was there until 10am when the other walking buddies came down to do the 10am to 1pm shift.  By that time I was feeling sweaty and stinky in my jeans and t-shirt.  R and I walked around the market and bought some food before heading home.  I bought four dozen fresh eggs and lots of fresh vegetables.  It does sound like an excessive amount of eggs but my niece has eggs each morning and now we are all eating them.

Work has been a bit shitful.  Or maybe I have been feeling shitful about having to work.  I am pretty tired in my head and feeling flat so maybe I am going through a stage.  This flat feeling was, I am almost embarrassed to confess, preceded by a very naughty spending spree on the Internet over a number of days.  Hmmmm.  I am never sure if I am indulging myself in a negligent way when that happens or whether I am so anal about money that I am miserly for ages and then go bonkers.  Kind of starvation followed by a binge.

However, the purchases were rather sensible.  Well, perhaps not the handbag.  But it was reduced.  It does smell so lovely and fits lots of things inside it (too many actually).

And perhaps not the commercial grade juicer.  But it will be used. It is one that uses all the pulp in the juice.  Oh, it also makes soup.  Very versatile.

I did get new bedlinen.  But it was hotel quality and I swear it is so luxurious that if I close my eyes (very, very tightly) I feel I may be staying at a swanky hotel. Oh, it was also very well priced.  Um, I think “reduced” is the word I would use.

There are some other things I ordered but I am not sure I can recall what they were right now.  Hair care stuff most likely.

I think that I have brain fog. Or selective memory.

I know I am a bit blah because I cannot be bothered to put on my make up for work.  Just the barest amount is the biggest effort.  It’s always a sign.  Care factor zero.

My son is going on a music camp next week.  He obviously had no idea what it was about and is a bit gob smacked that he will be doing six hours of rehearsals each day.  This week he told K and I that he has decided that he wants to be a psychologist.  He also said that he would like to work in a mortuary part time when he studies at University.  Interesting choices there.

Last night K, S and I went to see the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang musical.  It was so much fun.  Such a wonderful night out.  Stage production was fabulous.  Just a very happy evening.

Except for one thing.

Before going to the theatre, we went out for dinner to a Greek restaurant.  Greek food can be very heavy and meaty and is not always my choice of food but K and S like it.  I had dips and salad.  K fell for the lure of some big meaty dish.  It arrived in a big, big bowl.  Peas, potatoes, some gravy stuff and a truck load of meaty, meaty, meat.

So, he starts eating it.  Nom, nom, nom.  Then says something like “there’s way too much here” to which I reply “then don’t eat it”.  However, he is of the generation where you eat what is in given to you and, besides, it’s yummy so why not just eat the lot.  Oink.

Anyway, he at the entire vat of food (bar three peas) and subsequently felt ill.  His stomach objected to having a skip load of food tipped down into it on a Friday night and made known its dislike by causing K great pain.

Now, I have to say, I am a bit unsympathetic to someone who has made a pig of themselves and then feels sick.  I am not unkind but I am amused to the point where I laugh.  It took a lot of resolve not to laugh too much.   K sat opposite me looking very unwell as I continued eating.  Not that he could do anything but sit as the pain was so severe that no movement was possible.

Finally things settled and he was able to leave the eatery and go off to enjoy the musical without too much worry.  This morning he went for his usual bike ride with no ill effects at all so presumed all was okay.  Then this afternoon he was gripped by stomach pain again and spent an awfully long time in the bathroom.  This was followed by an equally long time lying on the bathroom floor tiles.  Moaning sounds came from under the door now and then.  It was, to be truthful, quite pathetic.  I did offer some sympathy but it may have come across as rather insincere as it was accompanied by laughing.

He kept blaming his upset stomach on the food and said “they should not have served so much up” and I said ” you did not have to eat it”.  I mean, you would think he was a Peking duck being force fed the way he carried on.

I think he has a gastro bug which is just dandy as we have had a visitor this afternoon who we took the the airport as she is flying back to London.  I just hope that she does not pick anything up.  Nothing worse than that problem added to a long haul flight.

K is now on the couch feeling very dull.

He is blaming the Greek food.

I am still laughing.  Although, if it is a contagious gastro I may not be laughing for long.

The weather has been hot all this week.  Hot summery days with bright blue skies.  Mr Benny lies around with his tongue hanging out.   I hang out the washing in the warm sunshine and when it is dry I bury my face in the fabric before I take it inside.  It smells so beautiful and fresh.

Tomorrow is a cruisy day.  I have to go to body pump in the morning. I really have to as I have not exercised much this week.  Then the day is pretty much mine.  Food shopping, laundry and some writing I want to do.   In the evening I am going for a big walk.

Today when I was helping out at the market I had a very nice compliment.  One of the Rotarians had seen me do a talk at one of the meetings last year.  He said that I inspired him to get out and get walking.  He changed his diet, exercised, lost weight and felt so good about it all and thanked me for it.

I said that was the best thing to hear.

Such a great compliment really.

Now I shall make myself a cup of tea after which I shall go to bed and slip into my 1500 TC hotel quality bed sheets, close my eyes (tightly) and dream I am staying at the Ritz Hotel.



2 thoughts on “Saturday 16th February

  1. It’s so easy to spend money on the Internet. I can always find something at a bargain price. Unfortunately, buying a handbag online is something I’d never venture to do. I want to see with my own eyes how many zippers, pockets, and dividers. If the handbag is too big or has too many places to stick things, I’ll never be able to find anything in it.

    I like your expression – “care factor zero”. That is me most mornings. I sit in a cubicle and rarely see anyone face to face. Nobody from headquarters ever shows up unexpectedly. It leaves little incentive to get up early and go that extra mile to look more put together.


  2. KYLady: It's the first time I had bought a handbag not knowing too much about it but, lucky me, it has turned out to be very nice (maybe a bit big). I think I had an impulse moment.

    I am still in “care factor zero” and have to confess that I am rather liking being able to rub my eyes without a care in the world. However, cannot be so casual with my hair. I have to draw the line somewhere.

    PS: I bought a fab dress online tonight that was SO reduced I cannot believe it. Aaaaarrrgggghhhh!


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