Wednesday 30th January

Here is a little photo of the path where I walk often.

Tonight my niece and I walked together.  The path runs behind houses which are situated on both sides.  It meanders nicely beneath shady trees.  I have walked it many times.  Pushed the pram down here when my son was a baby.  Walked three different dogs down along it over many years. Jogged along it.  Listened to music when traversing it.  The path used to be black asphalt but a few years ago the local council redid it.

It’s a path of many memories.

Do you have a twin out there somewhere?  Has someone said to you that you look like someone else?  I have known identical twins and I find the idea of that fascinating on many levels.  Twins, in general, fascinate me.  To begin life sharing a womb amazes me.

But I digress.

Yesterday one of the office guys came in.  He asked me if I had seen a particular advertisement on television.  I said I had not and asked why?  He told me that the woman on the advert had the same mouth as mine.

Over the years I have been told I look like many different women who have appeared on television or in a magazine.

One year it I was told by a couple of men that I looked like a Penthouse Pet.  It was the April pet.  Many years ago of course.  I went to find out what this April Pet looked like but was too embarrassed to buy the magazine.

Another year I was informed many times that I looked like a particular model on a shoe advert on television. Today I looked at the advert on YouTube and the only similarity I can see is that she has dark hair.

Very often I got that I looked just like the singer from the pop group The Bangles.  Also was compared to Kate Bush.  And, when I had dark hair, now and then compared to Nigella Lawson (oh, how divine would that be).  I think dark hair combined with dark eye make up makes everyone look the same in the end.

These days it’s more than likely someone will say that I look like Emmy Lou Harris because of my hair.  That’s nice too.

However, now that I am really old (by advertising and popular culture standards) I have been reduced to looking like someones mouth.   Is that the last thing on the body to fall in a heap?

So, when I die, I shall be remembered for my mouth.

Which maybe is better than being remembered what came out of my mouth………


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 30th January

  1. What a fun path; thanks for the picture. It looks like a lovely place for a walk.

    I must have lots of twins in the world because people often mistake me for somebody they know, or they think I look familiar. Twice, both times in an airport, I’ve had a total stranger rush up to me and give me a hug thinking I’m a long-lost friend. It’s nice to look familiar because store owners oftentimes think I’m a regular customer and want to give me good service. I just hope I never wind up in a police lineup; I’m sure to get picked as the guilty person.


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