Sunny Saturday

Today was just a gloriously sunny day.    I should have been outside embracing it.  But I was inside, on my bed.

That’s because I was sick.  Below is how I spent most of  the day.  On my bed.

I woke up throughout the night feeling quite out of sorts.  Aching head.  This morning when I awoke the ache had become violent.  One of those headaches that will no doubt ruin plans for the day.

But I forced myself out of bed and into the shower.  My niece and I went to the Farmer’s market.  To say I felt like shit is an understatement.  The headache was intense despite pain killers.  My stomach had the feel of a future vomit.  The churning nausea.

I had an appointment at the hairdressers and drove myself there.  I parked in the adjacent car park and made my way down the enclosed stairwell which, as usual, had the smell of urine, vomit and alcohol.  Just what I needed to smell.  I walked with my coat up to my nose to try to filter out the pong.

At the hairdressers my headache and nausea progressively worsened and had to forgo getting my hair blow dried because I realised that I needed to get home.  For the hour or so I was there I sat with my head resting on the tips of my fingers hoping that I would not vomit.  Could not even read a trashy mag.

I had a sinking feeling that perhaps I had picked up the terrible gastro bug that has been racing like wildfire throughout Melbourne.  Headache, churning gut.  I hate gastro. It is so untidy. And germy.  And very anti social.

After I left the hairdressers, my wet hair in a plait, I sat in my car for half an hour or so to gather the strength to drive home. Driving when sick is not much fun.  I was reminded of a time when my son was small and I was in the car with him driving to my mother’s.  I had been ill in the morning and kind of ignored it thinking it would go away.  It did not go away and while I was driving I projectile vomited all over my car window as I did a right hand turn (which is equivalent to the US left hand turn).  It was most unpleasant.  Especially as it was in summer.  The amount of vomit that my body expelled was astonishing.  More astonishing was that I managed to continue driving, do a u turn and head back home.

Anyway, I made it home from the hairdressers and then lay on the bed feeling very, very awful.  The headache worsened and during my brief misery I wondered if I had some sort of brain ailment.  Then I wondered briefly if my head was going to explode. My hearing stopped in right ear and my right eye was desirous of leaving its socket.  I even had a mad moment of thinking I might die then and there on my bed (I was thinking like a man at that point….)  There was a lot of wondering going on as I lay on the bed unable to get up for ages.

However, I did have to get up at one point to avoid wetting the bed.

My niece gave me some of her very heavy duty pain killers and I took two at about 4.30pm.  Ah, the wonder of drugs.  I bombed out for at least two hours.  Woke up groggy with a less violent headache and the nausea gone.  I was actually a bit hungry and ate a vegan pizza.

So, most likely a migraine and not gastro.

I had to cancel out on the training walk tomorrow which is disappointing.  But I think that it would be best to give myself a rest after today, especially as I am still feeling quite frail and headachy now at 10pm.  So tomorrow will be a recovery day.

As it was, I did not vomit.  Only managed a most unladylike dry retch which was followed by a self pitying crying session which then turned into the two hour state of drug induced unconsciousness.

Very disappointing that.  I always feel it is such a waste of misery if you feel like puking and only dry retch.

It’s as though I had nothing to show for it.

Apart from a day on the bed.


3 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday

  1. Ouch! So sorry you are ill!

    Best when you don't feel well to stay home–can't believe you went out at all when feeling so ill!

    When you are better I wrote you an email, I think it is to your gmail account.

    Stay home, feel better!


  2. Poor Linda – you should get and fill a prescription for imitrex or treximet, and keep it handy – they both work wonders for migraine. I take one of those when I feel a migraine coming on and I’m almost always good as new in 20 to 30 minutes – both are miracle drugs for me.


  3. Ms Topiary Cow: I did get the email thank you. It was a lovely and welcome one too!

    Well of course I managed to get out of the house – I had a hairdressing appointment. I did still feel out of sorts on Sunday. All in all, a most disappointing weekend.

    KYLady: Oooh, I have never heard of those drugs. Next time I go to the doctors I will ask him about them. The ones I had just knocked me out and then left me groggy the next day.


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