Thanks – Ouch!

The coffee machine at work is in for a service today.

I cannot drink instant coffee and enjoy it so I went up the street to a cafe to get fresh coffee for Bossman and me.
As I stood there waiting I briefly noted a young man sitting at a table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.  Then I just stood and stared out the window watching cars go by,  young man forgotten.
The coffee was made and handed over and as I made my way out the door the young man arose from the table and headed out at the same time.
He stopped me in the doorway and gave me what I presume to be a most flirtatious smile and said……….
“I love seeing an older woman with a tattoo.  It looks great.”
Given that he was about twenty years younger than me I was flattered that he even noticed me.
But, well, gee, um.
Thanks – I think.
I related the episode to Bossman who killed himself laughing.
He then added to the whole thing by saying that if I did not have grey hair I would be good looking.  Also that he did not like my tattoo.  But all that was okay because I had a great personality and he knew what I was like.
Oh, my day is so blessed now I have been showered with such compliments.
The Older Woman with a tattoo – and grey hair.
But who is a nice person despite that.

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