Thursday 17th January

It’s been a very hot day today.  I think it must have been about 41 celcius as I left work this afternoon.

I never mind the hot weather.  My plants do though.  When I got home I noticed that one of my trees had a rather parched look about it and I had to water it immediately.  It looks a bit better now.

Yesterday I had to have a needle biopsy on my thyroid.  It was done because the thyroid gland on one side had increased in size and so, as a precaution, they recommend a biopsy is done to ensure that nothing sinister is going on.

I had put off doing it because it was inconvenient but over the past weeks I have had pain from it and figured that I should just get it sorted.

Well, I thought it would be just like a blood test.  Turn up, offer my throat and then they would get a sample.  Then I would go home.   Nope.  Three people. Radiographer, nurse and the doctor.  It hurt, brought tears to my eyes and cost me $600 (which made me cry).  Then I went home, poorer and feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Still, all done so I can leave that one for now.

I was late to work today.  Later than I wanted to be.  I slept like crappity crap (what’s new) and after many nights of bad sleep I just had one of those mornings where it caught up.  My head was muddled. I put on more make up than usual with the idea that I would look less like that walking dead. Then I was too tired to blow dry my hair straight and did a lazy weekend style.

So, when I left the house I had the thought I looked okay but the reality was I looked more like a cast member of “What ever happened to Baby Jayne”.  Or the crypt keeper.

At work I had the concentration of a pea and after doing some shitty urgent things I then dedicated myself to doing the filing.  A huge pile of filing.  A huge and boring pile of filing.  Tomorrow I have about another two hours worth and that will be it for a while.  As much as I find filing excruciatingly boring, I do love it when it is done.  I am so anal about it and take no short cuts.  There have been many times when paperwork dating back years is required and I know exactly where it is.  Not just that, my filing system is so user friendly that other people can find things without too much worry.  Does that sound like I am blowing my own trumpet?  Well, when it comes to filing I am just great.  When I do it that is.  And therein lies the problem.  It can be a bit all or nothing with me.

So, today was very, very hot but I still went to a body pump class in the evening.  When I finished the class and walked to the car I noticed how very still the air was.  The trees were so silent.  There was not even a hint of a breeze.  Outside the air was thick with the heat.  I drove home with the car window open, listening to music as the hot air filled the car.  I love hot evening air.

I was listening to a lovely song.  Calling All Angels by Jane Siberry.  I played it loud.  It seemed like the sort of music that suited a drive home on a hot evening.

Tomorrow is Friday.

Then the weekend.  This weekend is a rather full one.  An early Saturday morning to the Farmer’s market.  I think my niece will be coming with unless she is too tired.  Then a trip the the hairdresser’s.

Oh, isn’t that bliss.

On Sunday is the first training walk.

I think I am looking forward to that!

Although, it is more than likely I am lying.


2 thoughts on “Thursday 17th January

  1. Don't you have paid medical insurance as they do in Canada and the UK?

    I certainly hope that Australia is not like America, where we have to pay out the wazoo for medical care.


  2. Cameron: We do have medical cover for public hospital and also for part payment of doctor visits and specialist visits. However, there is a gap between what the Govt pays and what the patient pays. I will get back maybe a third of the bill despite having private cover of my own on top of the Govt cover.

    It is definitely cheaper than the US and a better system but there is a push for people to have private health cover as well. Otherwise waiting times to get into hospital are very long and you cannot choose your own doctor.


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