Your Tube – Not Mine

Do you watch You Tube?

My son is a You Tube baby as well as a Test Tube baby.

My husband likes watching You Tube as well.

My brother and his gang are You Tube addicts.

I sometimes go through stages where I might watch something on it and then I lose interest.

Besides, if you think the computer is a time waster then add You Tube watching to it and there goes an easy four hours. I don’t need that sort of distraction at all.

Anyway, good for you if you like You Tube. It is indeed a wonderful way to entertain oneself. Taking trips down memory lane. Watching people do silly things. Looking up music, movies and documentaries. Fantastic. I even watched Food Inc on it and loved it despite the fact it ate into my broadband allowance hugely.

But do me a favour, don’t come to my house and then want to show me the great You Tube stuff you like to watch.

Send me a link to it by all means but do not visit me and then want to spend fifteen minutes showing me what amused you. If you send me the link I will look at it and say thanks.

I am the same about movies, dreams and books and did a post about it here.

You see, every time my brother comes over to my house he wants to show me something he saw on You Tube. Not just that, he wants either myself or my husband to sit through it with him and then he gives a running commentary along with wanting our opinion.

At least when he comes here I can just be rude and say I have something to do but when I go to his house I am trapped like an animal in front of the computer screen.

His son does the same and, believe me, I do not want to watch an eight minute You Tube video of something that is targeted towards a ten year old.

Even my son subjects me to the same torturous activity. Wants me to watch some really weird thing on You Tube that he subscribes to. Only I have no problem saying to him “Seriously, that is not funny. It is gross” and then walking off. Also, he now knows what I think of tandem You Tube watching and just likes to call me over to watch You Tube to give me the shits.

So, yeah, that is my rant for Sunday.

And, yes, it is Sunday and I have jumped on the computer because I wanted to post this while it was fresh in my head.

It is my reward for having to be subjected to the sound of my brother forcing my husband to watch You Tube this morning.

Oh, wait, just one more thing.

Yesterday my sister in law came around with her son. Her son poached on of my son’s friends from Xbox to watch something on You Tube.

Must be in the gene pool. Part of the DNA.


8 thoughts on “Your Tube – Not Mine

  1. YOU ARE SO RIGHT—watching YouTube should be a solo act.

    My son uses it to teach himself guitar. I use it for instructions on how to do something around the house. My daughter uses it for her amusement. My husband likes it for clips of old TV shows.

    When people send me links, I check them out, but never feel compelled to watch the whole thing. It reminds me of the days when my young son would invite me to watch him play video games. Noooooooooo!


  2. I have a YouTube channel that I post stuff to. Things I have either created or digitized over the years. I shows up on my Facebook when I do, because the accounts are linked. But I don't really care much for watching 'stuff' that others find intereting on their. Most is just garbage aimed at the younger generation.


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