Well, Excuse Me!!!

This is not a particularly illuminating post but whenever I think of this tiny little event that happened years ago I always think of those three words “well, excuse me”.

When I go shopping I am a polite person. I chat to the cashier or shop assistant in a friendly way (much to the embarrassment of my son).

I am the sort who hangs up and puts away clothing after I try them on. And, I noticed the other day that my son does the same.

I never get cross at flustered shop assistants who are under the pump in the short staffed department store. Even rude shop assistants I treat with firm but polite recourse if they are pushing the “you shit me” boundaries.

I mean, really, it is not that hard to be nice to people is it? Besides, many, many years ago I worked in retail and it has always stuck in my mind how an unpleasant encounter with a rude customer can really spoil your day.

Sometimes, when I am sitting in the huge and hideous food court of Chadstone (which is apparently the Fashion Capital) there may be a moment when one of the uniformed cleaners will come over to my table and remove and rubbish. I always say thank you and I mean it. It is a thankless job and hard work.

Anyway, years ago I just happened to be sitting and having a cup of coffee in the food court. It was empty when I got there and I was enjoying the peace and quiet.

As I sat there people started to trickle in and sit at tables. I was reading a book and really did not notice much until one of the cleaner’s came up to my table and picked up my empty coffee cup and started to wipe the table. I looked up and said thank you. At the same time I suddenly noticed that the food court was extremely crowded. In the short time I had been engrossed in the book I was reading, there was a huge influx of people.

“Oh, I wonder where all these people came from,” I said out loud, half to myself but also directed rather politely to the woman cleaning the table.

She stopped what she was doing, looked down at me like I had just vomited on her shoes and said…….”How the fuck should I know.”

And then walked off.

“Well, excuse me,” I said to her back as she walked off.

Ruined my shopping day. Well, for about ten minutes anyway. I bravely consoled my offended senses with the purchase of a rather nice pair of socks.

To this day I cannot think her without smiling. She was so rude. It was great.

Some people stick in your mind for the oddest reasons.


10 thoughts on “Well, Excuse Me!!!

  1. Rudeness never pays. I am identical to you – always thank everyone for every service. And I expect the same in return because it doesn’t take a massive effort.A girl I once worked with, when temping, never said thanks for the repeated teas I made her. Never made a round herself, either.So, suffering with a very heavy cold, I blew my nose into her teabag after having rubbed it into my armpits first.She never acknowledged the tea, but she was off work for three days with my cold…and sweat – hahahaha!Laxatives and snot. It’s an evil pay-back. It’s quite revolting, but it gives one so much bloody pleasure!


  2. Kat: Er, um, it is a spelling mistake. It should be a FENDI bag. I did write that reply EARLY this morning. “Fenid” sounds like something you get from hospital. oh dear. I am laughing now!Her bag (Fendi or Fenid) ponged terribly. She had to buy a new one.


  3. I pretty much ignore idiots like that. I once was having a horrible day, and needed to rush to the bank, well it was closed, due to having been robbed. I had no gas in the car, and I was beyond frustrated. I yelled at the woman who told me, “Great!!! That is just PERFECT!!!”After I had calmed down, gotten gas in the car, and found another branch of the bank to go to, I went back and apologized to the woman. I told her I had no right to take my bad mood out on her, and I was sorry. You’d have thought someone had coronated her queen for a day. I guess not many people apologize for their rudeness.


  4. I overheard a lunchtime conversation in a cheap restaurant. A financial adviser was courting a potential client. When their food was served, the adviser called out “Hey! Girlie!” Then proceeded to rip the server another one for bringing her sandwich with zucchini in addition to fries, instead of in place of fries. “And why would you think I’d want this on BREAD? If I said I wanted zucchini, isn’t it clear I don’t want CARBS?”Had I been the client I would have walked out. Anyone who is rude to servers will be rude to anyone. Besides, what kind of financial adviser courts clients at Houlihans? ( http://www.houlihans.com)


  5. Catherine: Holding things in is unhealthy. But getting the balance is hard. Sometimes you just have to say what is on your mind. Karen: I have, over the years, had to eat the odd slice of humble pie after opening my mouth in haste. Oh, they do say that you should make your words sweet as one day you may have to eat them. Lulu: How rude. I have been out with people and they have seen fit to harass the waiter. I cannot keep my mouth shut in those cases. No matter what – rudeness is not an everday okay thing. Houlihans looks like something we have here called TGIF. Franchise restaurants. Very predictable – always tastes the same. Upmarket Maccas.


  6. Mrs. Doodlius is the Master and Queen of Retail, and her policy is to show courtesy and be polite to ALL customers, even the nasty ones (and hoo-boy, some of them do get really nasty!). Exceed your customers’ expectations and you have a good chance of them becoming *repeat* customers. Good policy if you ask me.And by the by, Houlihan’s is *exactly* like TGIF, or Benigan’s, or Chilis, or any of about a bazillion other cookie-cutter strip-mall restaurants. You can’t throw a rock in California without hitting one, and usually a second one on the riccochet.


  7. Baba: Well done to your good birdy wife. I always return to any shop where I know the service is good.So, if I come to the USA I can feel confident that I will be able to eat the same food wherever I go. I mean, I would not want to experience any variations would I? Sigh, give me good old fashioned originality any time.


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