Weather On Holiday

Graham made a mention about the awful weather that has been occurring in the UK during Summer.

It made me think about the weather that I have experienced nearly every time I have been on a holiday.

We got married in 1991 up in Cairns and there just happened to be the worst cyclone arrive just after we did. I remember we went for a trip over to a little place called Green Island. It was a small sandy island with a rainforest perched in the middle of it all. The cyclone, however, had blown most of the rainforest canopy off and the island was completely covered in debris and not much forest.

In 1994 when K and I went overseas, it was an unseasonal stinking hot summer. We were in the UK and also in Denmark. Countries which generally have no air conditioning in the hotels. Plus I had brought clothes over with me that would have suited the traditional European Summer which is usually quite different to the stinking hot ones we have here! So there I was with my jeans and blundstone boots and warm tops sweating like a pig in London.

Then there was the dreadful cruise we went on about seven years ago. It rained most of the time and the seas were so rough we could not dock in at a couple of islands. Apparently it was unusually wet for that time of year.

And last year when we went to Noosa for a few days. It rained almost non stop. I was told that it just happened to be the worst weather they had ever seen in almost a decade.

Then this year. We go to the UK and I was told it was the coldest Spring they could remember. I froze and whinged about it for the first week before resigning myself to misery of it for the remaining two.

I’m staying home from now on.

The weather is always as I expect it to be here.

Nothing unseasonal.

Just warm one day, cold the next.

That’s fine by me.


7 thoughts on “Weather On Holiday

  1. Awwwww what a fab post! I hate the weather here in England lately. It has been grey and dull and wet and miserable since the beginning of! Perhaps I should arrange a tour of Australia next year! Perhaps when you pack your clothes for your next holiday, you should just pack shorts, t-shirts and and umbrella…lol!!!Thanks for brightening up my Saturday morning Linda 🙂


  2. Catherine: Ha ha, indeed. If I went to a QLD resort, you can bet it will rain for the entire time.Graham: I imagine it would be a bit dreary to have months of grey weather. Hmmm, if the weather could be determined via the contents of my suitcase, I would feel much more confident. Oh, I can promise that if you cam to Australia there would always be somewhere very hot to visit.


  3. It wasn't the coldest spring imagineable. That was balmy. That was just evil Bed & Breakfast owners who didn't want to get up in the morning to fry your Full English for you. They should be avoided at all costs. They appear to feel you pay them to make you feel miserable.When I win the Lottery and open my own B & B – besides all the other things – I will tell everyone it is a glori-arse day and they need to get out and fill their lungs with fresh air. Enjoy! That's an Order!!


  4. I wish there was more of a variety here. It has been so hot. I am just done with it. Maybe you should come to California and bring some of that rainy cold weather with you. 🙂


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