Mobile Phone Twaddle

I have a mobile phone.

It has every function you could possibly ask for, most of which I never use.

It even has a GPS function, but it keeps putting me as living in Canberra which is about ten hours north from me. I cannot be bothered ringing customer service to get it changed because I then have to speak to a person in another country. And that is AFTER I have had to speak to a robot voice to get me through to the correct section.

I could go into a mobile phone shop and get them to organise the change, but no matter the time of day I go to one of those shops, it is crowded with people looking at mobile phones and I have not the time nor the inclination to hang around to get attended to.

So, I make calls and receive them, send and receive some sms messages and take a few silly photos with it. I get very few calls and generally they are from the same half a dozen people. As I get so few calls I am a bit precious about anyone else answering my phone. It’s mine. Leave it be. I can answer my own calls. It makes me feel popular when someone rings me. So, don’t take that small pleasure from me by answering it if I am in another room when it rings.

All that stuff above is to let you know about my relationship with my mobile phone.

Now, I expect everyone else to have a similar relationship with their mobile phone. Perhaps they may be more into the gadgetry aspect of it that I am, but essentially, it is their baby, not mine.

That means, if their “baby” cries don’t expect me to pick it up.

My husband will go out of the house and leave his phone behind. It then rings and I leave it to go to voicemail. Then he comes home and asks me why I did not answer his mobile!

So, then what? I pick it up and say he is not there and take a message (which I will forget within five seconds). There is voicemail for that purpose.

And, at work, we have two office mobile phones which the tradesmen use. They ring the Project Manager and ask technical questions only. I cannot answer any of the questions they ask so why answer the mobile?

Plus, I never know what button to push on other people’s mobile phone. One on the right, the left, slide mechanism, green button with smiley face or black button with white tick! By the time my eyes have squinted and roved all over the screen the call diverts anyway.

There is a reason it is called a MOBILE phone.

Mobile = portability.

Take it with you. Put it in your pocket or handbag.

Pick it up when it cries.

I have my own baby.


3 thoughts on “Mobile Phone Twaddle

  1. Hello Linda, Believe it or not, I still don’t have a mobile phone. My hubby does. I like to call him a lot. I suppose I should get one in case of emergencies. I don’t want one, but if I do get one no one will know the number, but my immediate family. Since these phones came out I’ve never been impressed by them. I’ve always felt that if I’m not home, then this means I’m busy and not available to chat.I know other people with these phones glued to their ears all day long. There are people walking around with ear pieces all over the place, which I find a bit much. I enjoy my quiet time while out by not having to hear a phone ring or having to talk to anyone. If I do get one, I will want the photo camera, so I can take photos. This feature of the mobile phone is so convenient, because there are many times while out with the kids I find myself thinking “I wish I had my camera right now.”Wishing you a sun filled and happy day,Lydia


  2. Baba: True. Unless they make phones small enough to hang around your neck and you can fly and carry one. Then it would have to be tweet/screech activated so that you could talk. Nah, sounds too hard. You can fly, that beats everything.Lydia: Years ago we all managed lives perfectly well without mobile phones. Even in emergencies! Sometimes when I go out I turn my phone on silent if I don’t want to be disturbed – otherwise I feel obliged to answer it, even when jogging! Those earpieces look BAD. And silly. Even I would not wear one. And I don’t use my phone in the car when driving. I always pull over to answer it.


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