Sorry Boss

Dear Boss of mine

As I know you will not read this, I feel safe confessing the following:

I have faffed around at work all day.

Spent ages on the internet reading blogs.

Also looked at Ebay more than once.

Talked on the phone.

Read a big magazine.

Took ages to eat my lunch.

Had coffee.

Posted onto my blog.

Read some more blogs.

Sent some emails.

Read some emails.

Did a bit of work.

You get the drift?

So, sorry about that. It does not happen too often.

But, today I just had to go with the flow.

Let me know if you want me to dock my pay for being a lazy toad.


14 thoughts on “Sorry Boss

  1. Sometimes you just gotta say, “What the heck” and enjoy yourself. I’m sure you’ll be more productive next time. (Did you find anything interesting on the blogs?)Kat(new poem – kind of fun)


  2. bad, bad girl!Your boss will never notice because:1) he gets to sit alone in his office, 2) he has his own computer, 3) he is without interruptions unless people knock first, and 4) he is probably doing the exact same thing!I once walked in on my boss without knocking and she was taking a nap on her Indian rug on the floor.


  3. Hello Linda, Sometimes I feel you need to do this at work. Otherwise things can become so mundane and boring. I love your little letter to your boss. It’s cute.


  4. Today at work I:Went to Kragen Auto Parts and bought car wax; got gas; had a coffee break – for an hour; exchanged my broken pager; went to lunch; answered a phone call; waited for more patients (none showed); watched the Discovery Channel on tv in the call room; posted on my blog; read some more blogs; emailed; had another coffee break. Went home.You’re not alone Linda, πŸ™‚


  5. Daisy: Indeed we all need a lazy moment (or lazy day) now and then.Agnes: Like housework, work can always wait!!!Elise: I had the urge to confess – one needs to keep confessions short and to the point.Moooooog35: I shall have to try that trick. I am sure you can get kooky glasses that do the same!


  6. DD: I know, cannot help being bad now and then – besides my boss has been away on holiday for the past week. Sooooo, what could I do but cave into my urges. Not sure what I will do when he goes to Tuscany in September for five weeks!!!Kat: I bought shampoo on Ebay. And lots of things on my watch list. Not much else – sometimes I like to read O/S news sites. Especially ones from UK. Chris H: You think so? It is part of the Australia culture to slack off now and then.Lydia: I wonder what he would say if I printed it out and put it on his desk…..


  7. You are soooooo lucky. I wanna job like yours. I have been suffering with stress over the past few weeks, as I have been working rediculous hours. I agree with Elise, you have written this post beautifully – kinda like a little ditty. Just needs some poet to sing it…lol!Warm wishes ~ Graham πŸ™‚


  8. Graham: I have been there and done that in the Corporate world. Long hours, stress levels and then the company becomes your family. Never again. Hopefully you will see some relief ahead. Too much work is a bit soul destroying.


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