Runaway Days and Driving Music

I have had one of those weekends where I would just like to skip town.

You know the feeling I am sure.

It is not always a reflection on those around you, then again it may be.

Sometimes it is triggered by a particular type of sunny day. Not too hot, slight breeze and a scattering of clouds across an azure blue sky. Days that remind you of being free.

Perhaps it is a song in the car. At the moment I am listening to the best of Paul Simon. His music takes me back to being so young, so unsure, so fresh and free and totally confused. Free as a bird whose wings were weighted down with family obligations and a troubled mind.

Well, today I had both the perfect sunny day and the nostalgic music drift into my mind and curl itself around the part of me that occasionally eschews responsibilities.

I was driving back from a one hour jaunt at the big shopping centre. I only popped over to have an hour to myself as both yesterday and today K is working, leaving me with lots of time with my son. So I like to have some time out before getting on with the things I do as a grown up.

So I am driving back and some song came on. One of Paul Simon’s. I think it was “The Obvious Child”. Full of words of youth, love and times long gone. The breeze blew softly into my open car window as I sat at the lights waiting to go. That warm breeze that moves around you and tucks itself under your hair before disappearing.

When that breeze went, I wanted to follow it.

I felt that longing. That urge to just keep driving. Not to anywhere in particular. Just on and on. Listening to the music, feeling the warm air around me. What a delicious urge. What an enticing feeling.

However, once I reached the point in the road where I make the turn off to go home, well, I turned off and went home.

Now I have just made bolognaise sauce for dinner tonight. Will make a cake for the school week, put a few loads of washing on, hang them out, vacuum the house and later, in the evening, I will go for a long walk and when I get home out will come the ironing board.

Runaway days and driving music. They should bottle that feeling. It is quite unique and yet so universal.

6 thoughts on “Runaway Days and Driving Music

  1. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your two years of thoughts with us.Please don’t run away. Just dream about it, then come back to write what you dreamed.“Running away will never make me free”— Kenny Loggins, I’m Free


  2. I love the part where you said “when that breeze went, I wanted to follow it.” it’s a wonderful feeling, all right. you deserved that bit of a break. πŸ™‚


  3. NV: Oh, sometimes the thinking of running away is so much more appealing that actual escape itself. Agnes: I am sure you would have had one or two times when you would have had that feeling!!!Daisy: I did deserve the break – sometimes though, they are never long enough.


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