Grapefruit Twaddle

When The Body Shop first opened, it was the most amazing store to visit. I was only about 15 or 16 and had very limited funds so any purchase from The Body Shop was a most indulgent event.

At one point I recall purchasing a cake of glycerin soap and the scent was Pink Grapefruit. It was quite expensive and I was loathe to use it, instead choosing to keep it in a drawer with my underwear. Now and then I would take it out and smell it. That sweet and tangy smell is my favorite of all times.

When I had a bit more money, I would buy that soap more often and, occasionally the matchin body wash. Standing in the shower with that lovely fresh scent drifting around me is a pleasure I still enjoy now and then.

In fact, buying things from The Body Shop is a never changing pleasure I have maintained throughout my adult life. There is something so lovely and fresh about their products. And I do like to think that they were one of the first to embrace a level of ethical marketing. Perhaps I am idealistic about that but let me have my dream.

Well, on Saturday I was having a little shop around and wandered into the hallowed shop aforementioned. Lo and behold they had a new addition to the grapefruit range of products. Pink Grapefruit body butter. I bought it straight away. Finally I could have that nostalgic pong on my skin all day long.

Next morning, after a shower I stepped out and dried myself off with great anticipation. I then smoothed this gorgeous cream over my entire body. The smell enveloped the entire bathroom and I was in pink grapefruit heaven.

Feeling deliciously creamy, I dressed myself and swanned out into the kitchen only to have K say to me “what is that you have on, you smell like celery”.

Okay, so he does not like it. Celery is not really a smell I want to give off. I decided to continue to wear it regardless of the vegetable odour surrounding me.

Next morning, I repeat the body slathering although with less enthusiasm as I am a bit concerned that I will maybe smell like a carrot or something today.

I get into the lounge room and a friend of my son says, “what is that smell. It smells like rotten lemons”.

I have a bit of a complex now. Which was topped off by me having a shower tonight and, once again, defying all future comments, rubbing that body butter into my skin again. I then opened the fridge to find something to eat and thought to myself that something was off in there. The “something was off” smell hung around me all night. It was the grapefruit smell.

But I am determined to use the entire contents regardless of the stench I give off.

I like it and that is that.



12 thoughts on “Grapefruit Twaddle

  1. Stick to your guns!That’s why I’m continuing to use my “Fish Oil and Broccoli” scented shampoo until it’s gone, too.Hey…someone spent good money on this.PLUS…I get to make people run away.That’s a good feeling you can’t get from coconut shampoo.


  2. OMG….I’m in the bathroom at work reading your blog on my mobile phone (what a lovely picture it conjures) and erupted in laughter (which is better than other things which will remain left unsaid…) and I know the lady in the stall next to me wonders what’s wrong with me, so thanks a bunch! πŸ™‚The first time I went to the Body Shop was when living in Scotland and I fell in love with the place. I remember using the henna shampoo which was like wet dirt and banana conditioner that looked like it had tiny banana seeds in it.Have you ever tried Satsuma Orange? It’s my fave in the mornings.


  3. LOL, maybe what was appealing to you at 16, doesn’t quite cut it now that you’re older.I’d finish off the balance of the lotion and try a different scent.


  4. I think they used up all the good scents already. I haven’t really liked any of the new stuff lately. But I did buy their Amber soap the other day. It smells great! D and M love it too. So it passed all tests…Man, Woman & Child.


  5. Bunny: I don’t know, it does have a bit of a strange citrus smell that may be a little too tangy.Moooooog35: You know, I almost believe you! I think it would be funny to substitute a stinky shampoo for a sweet smelling one. Catherine: I am afraid that the image of you sitting on the can reading my blog just totally detracts from anything else you have said!!! Hahaha, sure beats reading a magazine…!


  6. Oswegan: Don’t say that, it might happen to me. Nancy: I am using it copiously just to finish it off and get something more my style – ie, something French and pricey.Skittle: When you live in a house with others, you have to consider them in the whole perfumey purchases. Otherwise they moan and complain.


  7. Not only do you SMELL marvelous, but I read a study recently. Women were tested wearing 5 different smells, one of which was pink grapefruit. The ones wearing the pink grapefruit were perceived as younger. πŸ˜‰


  8. that’s kind-of weird. maybe something’s wrong with that particular product? though I agree the body shop products have always been stellar.what can I say. something must be wrong with everyone else. πŸ˜€


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