Hearing Twaddle

Today I was compelled to take my son to Chadstone (The Fashion Capital) shopping centre to buy him a pair of school shoes.

He moaned about it until I threatened to cancel his friend’s sleep over that was arranged for later in the day. Threats like that always work.

My son has had some sort of foot growth spurt and is no longer in the child range of shoes. This meant I had to pay an extra $30 for his new pair. When he tried them on it looked like he had my shoes on or something. When I got home I actually tried his new footwear on and it fit me. I imagine that is not quite as exciting as being able to fit into your daughter’s clothes. But it does mean that it won’t be long before I have the smallest feet in the house!

The shop assistant was a young guy and, between his mumbles and the monosyllabic answers from my son I was beginning to wonder if I had a hearing problem happening. This is also a problem I have at work and I am unsure if I have trouble hearing because other people do not open their mouths enough to let the words out or perhaps they are talking crap or, more than likely, my hearing is below par. All I know is that I am saying “pardon”and “what”an awful lot these days.

I am not sure about other people’s children, but my son has the hearing of an elephant. I have whispered something to my husband and been at least ten feet away from my son only to have him repeat what I have said. This fills me with envy because I need to be in front of someone who is talking to take in what they are telling me. I am not sure if it has ever been any different, but all I know now is that it is most annoying.

This whole hearing thing (or lack of it) has become a bit of a bug bear for me as there are times when I miss out on conversations or parts of them and almost retreat into my own space. Especially if there is background noise. I suppose I should do something about it. To tell you the truth though, just the thought that I may one day have to use a hearing aid is, well, a bit dreary.

What I did notice tonight however, is that nothing can block out the noise of two ten year old prepubescent boys in the house. You can imagine that my house is fairly quiet with only one child in the house. When I get two boys in a room together they never shut up. In fact, I think they have talked very loudly non stop for at least seven hours. I could not even tell you what they are going on about. All I know is that the noise level is so high.

At one point I had to send them both outside.

I am guessing that when people have lots of children there would be some sort of adjustment to the level of noise that goes on. A few of my friends come into my house and are astonished at the silence. When I have gone to their houses, I am often confronted by the cacophony and that the parents don’t seem to notice it at all.

Now I am sitting in the studio in unearthly silence having left the job of getting the boys to bed up to my husband.

I wonder if he remembered to tell them to brush their teeth….should I go in and check?


5 thoughts on “Hearing Twaddle

  1. Hearing…. I have a hearing aid that I’m supposed to wear (should have 2). I do not hear “the human voice frequency” (highs and lows are excellent). It’s a long story; suffice to say that my husband sent me to the audiologist to prove that I wasn’t listening to him, only to find that I couldn’t hear him and needed a $3,000 hearing aid and that I’d probably been like this since a kid. There’s also a great story about my first live-in boyfriend and his parrot, who is probably still saying “What?” in my voice 25 years later!


  2. I think it’s a combination of getting older AND the fact that younger people tend to mumble.Whatever happened to “speech class” or “public speaking”? That would shape today’s youth up right quick!😉As an adolescent, my feet grew first. I’ll never forget my first pair of size 10 shoes. The rest of me was only 5′ 3″ or so at the time. I looked like a duck!But eventually the rest of me grew to nearly 6 ft.


  3. Mizmell: The peace was short lived, but thoroughly enjoyed. I agree with you about the world being a noisy place. DD: That is so funny about the parrot. Hearing aids are soooo expensive. When my mother in law passed away, we later found her hearing aids which had cost about $2500 for the both. My husband asked if I could use them and I said er, no way. Now I am thinking perhaps I should have relented…..nah, second hand hearing aids is kind of creepy..Cameron: Isn’t it cruel being a teenager AND having to look like you had duck feet.


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