Trauma and Stress

Further to my previous post I have to now talk about the trauma of washing dishes.

How convenient that K is out on a music job and will not be back until midnight.

Which means I have had to do the dishes. And not just any dishes. The dishes that have sat jam packed in the dishwasher since Thursday.

Worse than that, K has been trying to fix the dishwasher and with each respective wash the crap that is still not coming of the dishes has been baked on even more with the drying cycle.

I hate doing dishes so much that I don’t even own a dishrack. I had to wear rubber gloves and they are yucky. Waaaaah!

It has taken me ages. Then I dried them. Oh the childhood memories of wet t-towels.

If my brother were here I would flick the wet towel at him as a reminder of childhood chores.

I cannot, really cannot believe that I even suggested

3 thoughts on “Trauma and Stress

  1. Ha! This is ironic. You told me, I should get a dishwasher a few posts back and now you’re doing what I do. My mom bought us a new dishwasher as a xmas prezzie last year (although we went out and bought it) and the guy who sold it to us was a crook! Okay, we were stupid. We bought a dishwasher that doesn’t really wash very well. In fact, cutlery, or silverware does not clean up well at all and ends up very cruddy. I’ve taken to just harbouring the dishes in the washer and removing them to clean them in the sink. The difference is, I actually enjoy the washing up! I like the feel of the hot, hot water and loads of bubblies floating about. Mostly, I like exerting control over all the sticky, hard, disgusting stuff that’s stuck to my dishes. I do own a rack and I let everything dry in it. Linda, do be grateful your situation is only temporary. We can’t take our DW back – and we don’t have a water softener.Kat


  2. Kathleen: Well, having hard water is bad. In Melbourne we have exceptionally lovely soft water which makes washing clothes and dishes not an issue. I think my dislike of washing dishes stems from being, um, er, lazy.But, thankfully, my boss has a second hand dishwasher to give me. It is free, two years old and was taken out of a house that is being renovated – yippeee. Your dishwasher may come in handy at dinner parties and things like that.


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